Thank you, NELS members

Just to say a huge thanks to all the NELS members for giving me a wonderful almost 3 years at NELS. I loved teaching each and every one of you, and will miss you all. Please keep studying English – you obviously are if you are reading this, so thank you, and sayonara.

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If anyone would like my personal e-mail address, please let me know, and I would be very happy to hear from you.

GOOD LUCK with your future English study!



Thanks to everybody who came to our Easteryaki party. It was fantastic!

Enjoy some photos here:


Cheers everyone! Happy Easter!


Who’s the Easter bunny?


Busy cooking


Easter bunny salad


Still cooking!


Don’t they look good?!


Time for desert yaki! Yummy!

NELS Easteryaki party!

Maybe you’ve heard of Easter, and if you’re Japanese or know the language, you’ll know yaki, meaning grilled, but what happens if you put them together? You get Easteryaki! Normally the word before yaki is tako, meaning octopus, and takoyaki are round balls of dough with octopus inside:

Image result for takoyaki image
However, NELS has put a twist on this idea, which means we not only make traditional takoyaki, but we use our own unique fillings too. How about ham and cheese, or, as it’s Easter, why not try chocolateyaki? Trust me, it’s delicious!
To see photos from our previous parties, and for more information in Japanese, check out our website here, and our Facebook page here.
There will also be fun quizzes and games so you can learn about the more traditional aspects of Easter.
Why not join us?
Image result for takoyaki image

Linking pronunciation class homework answers

Thanks to the students who came to my latest pronunciation class. We studied different rules about linking: consonant-vowel links, vowel-vowel links with an added /w/ or/j/ sound, and same or similar consonant-consonant links.

Try to mark in all the links below. You’ll find the answers underneath.

A: But Tom, I really want to go out with them today. I already missed two opportunities and was late twice too.

B: Not today, Amy. I’ve finished work now and have got to collect Tim from Mandy’s so I need the car.

  1. I want two apples and one big grapefruit.
  2. Both the windows are broken.
  3. My friend isn’t going to be on time.
  4. I can’t tell when Neil’s joking.
  5. These are the best tomatoes I’ve ever had.

Below are the answers.

_ = consonant-vowel links, vowel-vowel links with an added /w/ or/j/ sound

– = same or similar consonant-consonant links

A: But-Tom, I really want-to (or wanna) go_/w/_out with-them today. I_/j/_already missed-two_/w/_opportunities_and was late-twice too.

B: Not-today,_/j/_ Amy. I’ve-finished work now_and have got-to (or gotta) collect-Tim from-Mandy’s-so I need-the car.

  1. I want-two_/w/_apples_and_one big-grapefruit.
  2. Both-the windows_are broken.
  3. My friend_isn’t going to be_/j/_on time.
  4. I can’t-tell when Neil’s joking.
  5. These_are the best-tomatoes I’ve_ever had.

How did you do? Don’t forget it’s REALLY IMPORTANT that you SAY the sentences ALOUD to practise. Have fun!


(Thanks to Oxford Online English for the sentences.)

Introducing our new website!

Check out NELS’ brand new updated and easy to use website here!

You’ll be able to:

  • find out about our lessons and courses,
  • read lots of testimonials from our students,
  • see information about our upcoming events
  • see photos and videos from the school
  • contact us to get more information

and more!

To all my ‘listening’ students: How to improve your listening

So, you’re studying Eiken, TOEIC, TOEFL or even just general English, but you still can’t fully understand what you hear. Read this, and let me know if you find it useful.

Then check out our lessons at NELS here.

NELS events in February -Ski trip and Song lesson

This month we have our annual ski and snowboard trip. Last year we went to Furano, but we are back at Niseko again this year. If you’re interested in the trip, check out the information in Japanese here.

Also this month we have a special Song Lesson given by our American teacher, Randi. She’ll be teaching you the Eagles’ song Hotel California. She says:

Do you enjoy American music? Would you like to be able to sing along with confidence? Impress your friends at the next karaoke event with your newly perfected rendition of Hotel California by the Eagles! …or, if you are like me and do not like to sing in front of others, you can always enjoy jamming out in your car or at home.

No worries, you don’t have to sing in class. But we will listen to the song, work out the lyrics together, and discuss the meaning. You will walk away from this class with a complete understanding of an American classic.

For the Japanese translation , and to find out more about joining this lesson, click here.

Prepositions diagram – Learn prepositions by seeing them

A friend of mine sent this to me and I thought it was worth sharing. Prepositions in English can be a little difficult to understand, and everything is easier if you see it, so I hope this can help you.

prepositions diagram

Now, you should try writing sentences using the prepositions.

e.g. I live far from Tokyo, but I live farther/further from Osaka.

NELS New Year Party 2015

Yesterday we held our third New year Party at NELS. We started the party by pulling Christmas crackers from the UK:


We drank mulled wine (hot and with spices),


and everyone bought lots of delicious food:

P1060295 P1060301 P1060303 P1060306 IMGP2470 IMGP2472 IMGP2474

There were even cheese and beer flavoured crisps!


We played a true or false speaking game:


and then did a quiz about new year celebrations all over the world:

P1060314 P1060311

Happy New Year!!!


To see more photos from the party, go here.

To find out more about NELS English Language School, go here.

Happy New Year, plus events in January

Happy New Year to you!

Welcome to my blog in 2015 with a new title image and pages now in Japanese to help you get around the site.

Coming up at NELS this month is our New Year Party on Jan 17th. Click here for more information in Japanese.

Check out photos from last year’s party.

Join us for more mulled wine and fun and games!

Also, I’ll have my monthly pronunciation lesson on Jan 25th. This month the focus is on the sounds /f/, /h/ and /w/. Find out more here.

I hope to see you soon at NELS!