Day 6: Fun Sunday

‘So Hannah, when is your day off?’ I am often asked. Well, good question. I don’t really have one to be honest, but at the moment while there’s not enough snow I don’t mind, and like I always say, I do love teaching. Today brought us another new TOEIC student to NELS which makes me very happy – when you can show people that what you have is good for them, and they actually realise it, it feels good. Also, knowing that a 920 TOEIC target student can also learn from you is also food for the soul.

So, out to celebrate a successful week for NELS, and this restaurant shows me what a difference customer service can make to a meal. Allow me to elaborate… So, firstly given a plate of albeit elegantly presented ‘deer on cracker, mozoku seaweed (and I daren’t share what my dining companion told me it resembled!), and, I translate ‘fish guts pickled in salt”, I was not too optimistic about what lay ahead.  Does it look good to you?

However, followed by one of the most ‘oishii’ salad dressings ever, and several ‘special’ drinks made especially for me, I end up having a most memorable evening. The staff were keen to explain every dish, accompanied with little anecdotes such as why ‘sand stomach’ – ‘sunagimo’ is called so. Do you know?

Anyway, my ‘mystery drink’ no. 3 turned out to be my maiden voyage of, wait for it – white wine + vodka + soda. Hmm…well, an interesting mix let’s just say!

Gotta love Japanese nomihodai all-you-can drink, especially when they don’t even tell you you time is up and keep on serving you! Thanks, しゃも次郎!




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