Day 7: TOEIC test reading strategies

So, we are coming to the end of our first TOEIC courses at NELS, and we are preparing our students for their upcoming tests in December and January. Every student has improved so much since the start of the course. It’s good to remind then that 3 months ago they weren’t able to accurately ‘Repeat ‘n’ Speak‘ what they had heard even for part 1, and now they can catch almost all of those tricky naturally linked words between consonant and vowel sounds such as ‘I’d like a look at it, please’ being spoken as ‘I’d li ka loo ka tit, please‘. Also, they have learned not only to recognise those little pronunciation changes in connected speech like ‘to‘ becoming ‘ta‘ and ‘and‘ becoming ‘n‘ as in  ‘I look forward ‘ta‘ hearing from you’ and ‘fish ‘n‘ chips’, but they can also say and use them!

I was speaking to one of our high level TOEIC students about reading strategies on test day, and I said:

It’s important that you think about how YOU can get the highest score YOU can. There are several strategy options and you should consider and practice them all beforehand, and decide which is the best method for YOU. Is it better to go slower and go through everything just once, or is it better to go through quicker, mark questions that you want to return to, and make sure you give yourself enough time to go back to them?

I think the strategy is dependent on the student’s ability and expected score, and also what they feel comfortable with. I, for one, always try to go through a paper as quickly as possible but make sure I have plenty of time to check the answers I’m not sure of. What do you think are good TOEIC test strategies?

It’s interesting, I think. I get a lot of job satisfaction teaching. I hope my students get as much learning satisfaction!



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