Hello winter + Eiken listening linking lesson

Well if it was just pretending to be winter before, it has certainly been the real thing today! Wow, so much snow! I realised how out of practice I was riding my bike in it! I now need to allow at least twice as long to get anywhere, but it’s so pretty, coating everything in such pure white, and it’s great for the mountains too – I wanna go snowboarding!

Anyway, today’s English is again about recognising linking. For me, yes it’s great if a student can get the correct answer to a listening test question, but it’s only half the result if they don’t actually know what exactly they have heard. I want to not only help students learn how to get the right answers, but also help them improve their overall English ability. That way, they will find it easier to get more answers right – an ongoing cycle of improving English and therefore getting answers right and therefore improving English, and so on.

So, my student heard this today in American English: ‘I wannid t winvi chu toowa socca game thisssaturday.’ Can you work out how it would actually be written? You should read it out aloud as it is written above to help you.

Geddit? (= Do you get it? Do you understand?) Goddit? (= Have you got it/? / Do you understand?)

It’s written as:

‘I wanted to invite you to a soccer game this Saturday.’

Geddit? (= Did you get it? Do you understand?)

You should now try to say the correctly written sentence again in exactly the same way as I first wrote it. That way you’ll be saying it the NATURAL ENGLISH (albeit American English! 😉 ) way.



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  1. Hi! English linking is hard for Japanese. But we need to try! I wanna learn more!



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