Sapporo snow and fun and funny running and cycling!

One reason I decided to move to Sapporo was because I love snow. Ideally, I would be on a mountain, skiing and snowboarding every day, but if I can’t, then I still love being out in it. I took up (=started) running when I came here, but last winter I didn’t run in the snow. Today, I tried to. On Saturday, we got about 10cm of snow here. I run along Toyohira River as I don’t like running next to roads. It was fun and funny running today – fun because I enjoyed the experience, and funny as it made me laugh as I tried not to fall over! Needless to say, after an hour my trainers (running shoes) and tracksuit bottoms were rather wet, as were my socks and my feet too! But I’ll do it again!

I also still cycle even in the snow. I have a mountain bike but the tyres are quite worn so again, it’s quite fun and funny to concentrate on not falling off! I would also rather be out in the snow than on a crowded bus or train. And maybe I like the adventure of the ride!

Am I crazy?!


Sapporo snow and fun and funny running and cycling!」への1件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! You’ve been riding a bicycle still now!!!! Really? I can’t. But I love snow, too! I know that it’s so fun of walking, running and jumping in the snow world. Please take care of riding.


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