Lovely meal, shame about the view!

I like going out to eat in Japan. Firstly, because I don’t like cooking (well I actually think I am a terrible cook too!), and secondly because eating out here is more than just the food, it’s the experience and the atmosphere too. Maybe it’s the ‘irrashimases’ that heartily greet you as you enter, or perhaps it’s the running and bowing of the waiters and waitresses, always so eager to please. Sometimes it’s about the décor, or perhaps even a unique chopstick rest. But yes, of course, it is always about the food too.

On my latest meal out, thanks to a Pompare coupon deal for making the decision of where to go so easy, although goodness knows where it actually was, or what it was called(!), the food was wonderful. It was a set meal which again I love as I don’t have to make any choices or try and decipher a handwritten kanji menu. I don’t often know what I am eating, but maybe that’s for the best at times. Anyway, a plate of intestines later(!) and then this arrives. Image

The picture doesn’t do it justice (it doesn’t show how beautiful the food really looked), but I partly took the photo to show the ‘view’ too. Can you see it? It’s a wooden wall! The space was actually tiny and I was often juggling plates to fit things on, but then I suppose it makes things more interesting, doesn’t it? I just thought it was a shame when the food was so ornately presented, that my view was of basically nothing, a few centimetres from my nose! Maybe it was so as not to distract me from the food!



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