I love all my students – they are the main reason why I love teaching. They are all unique and wonderful in their own way. I have one student, however who is so kind and generous and who is always giving me gifts. This week she came bearing what I first believed to be the world’s largest apples. Fruit in Japan is always so big and perfect looking, but these were just enormous! Anyway, it turns out that they were actually pomegranates.

I love fruit so I was eager to taste them. Then I thought, ‘Oh, what do you do with a pomegranate?’ And, ‘Actually, have I ever eaten one before?’!I then recalled that after my Master’s graduation I went to a restaurant called…’Pomegranate’, where every dish used the aforementioned seeds in some delicious kind of way!

Anyway, thanks to the internet, I soon found out what to do and, some time later might I add, I was able to produce the ‘fruits of my labour’!:



How delicious! I’m looking forward to creating my own pomegranate delights…or maybe I’ll just eat them all in one go!

I later happened to catch sight of the white top I had been wearing during the de-seeding process. I thought, ‘I’m glad the police haven’t just come to visit,’ as with my front covered in red juice I’m sure they will want to start the search for a dead body!

And, just for your interest, the word pomegranate is dated from around 700 years ago where it was called poumgarnet, and evolving through the Old French pome grenate, Middle Latin pomum granatum, and ending up as it is today. It means “apple with many seeds,” from pome “apple, fruit” + grenate “having grains” so it is aptly named – there were hundreds of the things! dictionary.reference.com/etymology/pomegranate



  1. Hi! If police officer had come to visit……definitely, he would have think that something happened to you. I ate pomegranates from KYUSHU’s friend by chance, too. I ate them for the first time. It was so delicious! It is said that pomegranates is good for woman’s health. I often hear that. But I’m not sure why they work well for woman’s health. Anyway, fruits are good for us!



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