Happiness Realisation Party anyone?

So it appears that when I write about food, especially cake, and add photos, more people read! Thanks!

What about if I write about politics? Actually, I confess that I am not the slightest bit interested. In fact, the constant babble of campaign talk streaming from loud speakers mounted on top of politicians’ cars trawling the streets here is actually causing quite a bit of noise pollution in my opinion! However, what did catch my attention was a flier that found its way into my home from the ‘Happiness Realization Party’. I could not believe the name! It would certainly get my vote just for that! Wow – if I wasn’t so cynical when it came to politics and actually believed that they could ‘realise happiness’ it would be the answer to my dreams! Image

There is a political party in the UK called the Monster Raving Loony Party, however, they don’t get my vote because of their name!…I wonder why!


Happiness Realisation Party anyone?」への1件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! There is the rest of 5 days by the polling day of the house of representatives. In this election, 12 political parties have participated.
    It’s so many parties, so I’m wondering what parties I should choose.
    Anyway, as you said, I want to carry out some good policies for the government, and I hope that everyone can feel some “Happiness” if it’s not big happiness, come what may. 16th is the polling day.



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