What’s a ‘corpus’, and how can it help improve my English?

In order to learn new vocabulary it is important that you can see examples of HOW the word is used. A corpus does just that. It gives you lots of sentences with the target vocabulary word in. You should read the sentences and look at how the key word is used. Can you find any pattern of how it can and cannot be used? If so, you are learning English the natural way.

The British National Corpus has over 100,000,000 (!) words and it’s really easy to use – just type in the word you wish to see examples of into the search box, and voilà, you will see your sentences! Give it a go!Click on this link: [bnc] British National Corpus, or for American English, try COCA.


What’s a ‘corpus’, and how can it help improve my English?」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! I checked the website now. I searched the word ” Christmas” . There were many, many sentences. I figured out the importance of ” Corpus” for the first time. It’s a new way of learning English! Thank you!

  2. P. S. I’m coming to your party right now. I’m looking forward to asking about ” Corpus”. See you then.



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