Weather fun

British people always seem to talk about the weather, maybe because it is a safe topic, and also maybe because it is quite changeable. This year, however, was the wettest recorded in England, and the second wettest in the UK. (

That means that it rained a lot and often, yet still people talked about the weather! ‘It’s raining again,’ they said! Funnily, after March had 61% LESS rain than average, April had 76% MORE than average!

But here in Sapporo in winter, it doesn’t rain, it snows! And there is a lot of that too!ImageImage

And although the snow does make it harder to get around, I still use my bike, and actually quite enjoy the adventure!

I also love snow, and still enjoy playing in it, something usually only done by those under 10!


Yes, I fell on purpose!


That was last winter, but this year I have also been out in it, and sank not just up to my knee…ImageImage

…but up to my thigh! What fun!



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  1. Yeah, I know it’s so fun to play, ski, snowboard, and other winter sports in the snow.
    We have so much snow this winter, I’m soooo HAPPY! I’ll enjoy this snow season. I’m looking forward to joining Nels’s ski and snowboard event!!!!

  2. Hi Hannah, Welcom back to Japan and Hokkaido! We have much snow in Hokkaido this year and also in U.K. looking from your pictures.
    So in Japan we can go sking much more time than last year as MOMO.
    I can’t wait to join NELS’s ski.
    Btw I’ve checked your blog and see the language school in Brighton.
    It’s very inviting and interesting school for me. I want to go there if I
    could someday. But I’m little old and not have any time. And I’m interesed in British English. We been learning American English from
    junior high school, so we Japanese were affected by American culture and assimilated with them. Now we have to take an another new air
    such as European style and culture. English is the one of the best gate to get them, I think.
    Sorry for my poor English. See you next time. BBN

    • Hello Ponkichi
      Yes, we have already had a lot of snow in Hokkaido. Actually, all my snow photos were taken in Sapporo, although there has been snow in the UK.
      I am glad you are interested in NELS. I hope you can find time to come and visit us.
      Yes, these days it is important to know all kinds of English, not just American English. In fact, did you know that the majority of conversations in English actually take part between non-native speakers?
      And you certainly have no need to apologise for your English. It is not poor at all!
      I look forward to your next comments.



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