strange sandwiches!

One thing that I often find interesting about Japan you may find a little surprising. ‘What is it?’ I hear you say. Well, let me tell you. It’s the sandwich. Surprised? (Well, maybe not if you read the title!) Are you wondering why? Well, as an English woman, I have grown up eating sandwiches as part of my school packed lunch every day, and bread to an Englishman, is like rice to Japanese, we have it all the time (well, along with potatoes). And the sandwich was actually ‘born’ in England, courtesy of a man called John Montagu (1718-1792) who was the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, which is a town in Kent in the South East of England. (for lots more about this, see this: )

Anyway, I digress, the reason I find sandwiches so interesting in Japan is that they break all the rules of what goes inside. I will never forget years ago finding a sandwich in Tokyo filled with…strawberries! Not strawberry jam, but the actual 3D specimens! I’m not at all saying there is anything the matter with this, it’s just so amazing and inventive. After all, why NOT put strawberries into a sandwich!

And so today, I picked up a pack of teeny-weeny (tiny) yet perfectly cut sarnies, with the yummy crusts left ON, and began chomping away, when, ‘Oh, what’s this in my sandwich?’ I thought as I took a bite. ‘Tuna, well that’s normal, and oh, is this really pasta?’ Yep! Again, you may think, why is this strange. Well, this is Japan’s manner to not just have one carbohydrate on the plate (nice accidental rhyming there, I thought), like just  rice, or  just potatoes like I am accustomed to, but to have both. And so in this case, let’s not just have bread, but let’s add pasta too! OK, why not? Of course it was delicious, and I’m hoping too that it has made for an interesting blog for you to read, my dear follower(s)!


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  1. Hi! I didn’t know that Sandwich came from England. In England, are sandwiches with potatoes ordinary and common? In Japan, sandwiches with boiled eggs in strips( added mayonnaise ) or slices of ham are familiar, I think. You’ve tried sandwiches filled with strawberries in Tokyo.
    Japanese like sandwiches and have made many varieties of them. Pasta sounds good! And also Japanese ordinary ソースやきそば noodle. Sandwiches with potatoes croquettes or japanese deep-fried pork トンカツ is just good when you are starving. I’m wondering about what else sandwiches are in Japan now. If I come up with something, I’ll tell you!

  2. Indeed, Momo, sandwiches with potatoes and noodles in are also bizarre, yet surprisingly tasty to me! Generally, in the UK we would have meat, cheese, spreads and pastes, and salads, so Japan definitely has a wider variety of fillings, even if not for actual bread itself.


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