Reading the news

Do you ever read the news in English?

If yes, that’s great! What do you read? In Japan, several of the main newspapers publish in English including The Japan Times, The Yomiuri Shimbun, Mainichi Daily News, The Asahi Evening News, and Japan Today. You should easily be able to find them if you search on-line. Of course you can also read good national newspapers such as, in the UK, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, and The Times, or in the US, The New York Times, or The Washington Post to name a few.

If you think that reading an authentic English newspaper is too difficult, why not do an internet search of ‘easy English news’? I did, and there are some really good sites out there where news is especially written to be read by learners of English, so it is much easier to read. Some are written in several difficulty levels and even help you understand difficult  vocabulary by giving you the definitions. There – now there’s no excuse not to read!

Reading is an excellent way to improve your English as you see new vocabulary used in context, and you also have the time to analyse and review the material easily and in your own time.

Give it a go, and let us know which newspapers and news websites you like the best.



Reading the news」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! I often read YOMIURI newspaper website by cellphone while getting on the bus, subway and JR. I read some articles which I’ve already read the newspaper and watched on TV. I think it’s easier to understand English. Because the details of some news have been in my mind already, so I can read them easier than reading English newspaper directly. I’ll keep on reading!


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