Grammar time! 5 sentence patterns.

As a native speaker of a language, you learn your language in the best and most natural way. Some people are lucky enough to be brought up bi- or multi-lingual, and ironically it seems that us native English speakers are, on the one hand blessed to have been given the gift of the world’s global language as a mother tongue, but on the other hand, I am sure we are the most monolingual members of the world too.

In learning your mother tongue(s) naturally, you learn it with a set of rules that really, you are never really told or taught, you just acquire. So, as an English teacher, I often say to my students, ‘I am just a native speaker.’ Of course, in becoming a teacher I have had to go about learning my own language as a student learns, through learning the grammar rules. And, although clearly I have quite an advantage as I already know how to use the language, I still need to master the whys!

So anyway, I thought I would share a little of this grammar with you today.

I am sure at school you would have sat through some ‘exciting’ grammar lessons about the 5 basic sentence patterns in English, but perhaps I could make them a little more interesting for you as a reminder. Also, if you click on the links, new random sentences will be generated for you, thanks to!


Grammar time! 5 sentence patterns.」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! I learned 5 basic grammar rules of English in my schooldays. But I often can’t be applied practically. It’s one of my challenges of English now.
    I’m Nels student now, but I haven’t taken the lesson yet. I’m looking forward to the first lesson!!!


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