NELS Pronunciation lesson – /r/ea/l/ly?

Today we had our first pronunciation lesson at NELS. Meg showed students correct mouth and tongue positions to help them pronounce /l/ and /r/ sounds which are always difficult for Japanese speakers.

She used her big plastic mouth to show students how to use their tongue:Image

Each student had a mirror so they could see their own mouth position:Image

English pronunciation is difficult for many learners, but if you are taught how to use your mouth, then you can improve your pronunciation. It’s just a case of re-training your mouth muscles. After all, we all have the same tools: lips, tongue and teeth, right?

The most important thing with pronunciation is that others can easily understand the words and phrases that you say. Your do not need to have the goal of sounding like a native speaker, just as long as you can be understood easily.

What sounds are difficult for you to pronounce?

Hopefully we’ll have more pronunciation classes coming soon, so please let us know and we can make our classes for YOU!


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  1. Hi! I really wanted to take Nels pronunciation lesson, but I couldn’t. I missed it this time, but I want to try next time. The difficult sounds of pronunciation is that ‘ TH ‘ , such as ” Month, Months, cloth, clothes…..etc. ” I want to be able to pronounce and hear the difference of such words clearly.

    • Yes, ’th’ sounds are hard for many learners of English, not just Japanese. Interestingly, even some native English speakers, such as the Irish, don’t pronounce some of the ‘th’ sounds.
      There are 2 ‘th’ sounds in English, /θ/ as in ‘thumb’ and /ð/ as in ‘mother’. Like many paired sounds in English, for example /p/ and /b/ and /f/ and /v/, the only difference between /θ/ and /ð/ is that you use your voice for /ð/.

      • Thanks for teaching! “th” of ” mother” is little easier than “th” of “thumb”, I think. I’ll do my best to pronounce 2 ” th”.


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