NELS New Year Party

We had our New Year Party at the weekend. We went to a Korean restaurant and enjoyed lots of delicious food and drink.


Two students agreed to challenge themselves to get a score of 800 on their next TOEIC test…


…and then convinced a third to join them!


While one of the same students, and Yoko from NELS, agreed to run the Toyoko marathon this year!Image

We then went to karaoke for lots of singing, in English…


…and in Japanese!


We also enjoyed dancing!


We had a great time!
Please join us for our next NELS event. Events are always posted on We look forward to seeing you at our next event.


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    Thank you for the great time of Nels new year party!!!!!! I had a lot of fun!!!!! We ate, drank, sang and danced so much. we decided the leader( ” DANCHIYO”) of ” TOUYAKO MARATHON”, who is one of Nels sudents! I can’t wait for it! And also, I decided to try to get a score of 800 on TOEIC test in June. And Thank you again for the fist lesson! It was very fruitful and beneficial time! I learned 3 important points of studying by myself by using Nels’s text and dvd in order to progress in my English. Thank you so much, Hannah, Yoko and Megu!!!!! I’m going to try them. I’ll do my best. I look forward to the next lesson!

    • We are glad you enjoyed the party and your first NELS lesson! What were the 3 important points you learnt from your lesson?
      Good luck with your continuing study. And yes, it is as important to study by yourself as it is to do your best in class. Teachers do the teaching; students must do the learning!


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