Winter exercise

Sometimes it is easy to blog, when you know what you want to blog about; today, I don’t have any bright ideas, so I thought I would ask you. What is interesting for you to read? Do you like looking at photos? What topics are you interested in? English language, about NELS, about me(!)?

Well, let me tell you a little about me today. In the winter I find it hard to get exercise here in Sapporo, Japan. Like many people, I make excuses about why I don’t go to the gym, or swimming pool, or run etc. (I think the huge quantities of snow and sub-zero temperatures are quite good excuses, but still, I do see people running.) Sometimes, I run up and down the 14 flights of stairs in the block of flats where I live. I listen to Japanese language podcasts as I do so, and I also have a pedometer on my ipod to count my steps, but it’s so cold out there in winter.

Anyway, recently I was thinking about a friend of mine who uses Wii to exercise. I’ve had a go and it’s a really good and fun way to burn calories. And then I thought of when I spent 3 months on board Peace Boat, a cruise ship. In that relatively tiny space I managed to do tonnes of (=lots of) exercise. I would go to the gym before breakfast, and often also gave my own exercise classes there. ( I used to be a PE teacher before I began teaching English.) I would also go to various other exercise classes on board, one of which was the video of “Billy’s Bootcamp”. This video would be played on a big screen and 50 or so people would gather, and punch, kick and sweat away as the ship pitched and rolled. (It is so much more entertaining exercising on board a ship than on dry land!) So, I had a look on Youtube and managed to find lots of exercise videos which I am now doing in my living room. It’s great as it’s so convenient. I don’t have to take time to get anywhere, like going to a pool, or get cold, like going outside, and, it’s completely free! Bonus! So thanks to Billy and his mates, I now have at least some sort of exercise regime going on.

Ideally, of course, I would be skiing and snowboarding all day every day, but unfortunately that won’t pay my bills. I love teaching, but…!!! Well, bring on the NELS ski trip to Niseko!!!


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  1. Hi! You’re so great to be able to do Billy’s bootcamp! I’ve tried it a several years ago, but I couldn’t do it completely. I gave up. How nice of you!
    I would do it like you! But it’s winter sports season now, I’ll enjoy snow and SKIING!!!!!

    • Yuki, I know you love skiing, so I am sure you get lots of exercise on the ski slopes – lucky you!
      By the way, ‘How nice of you’ means ‘how kind of you’ so in this case it would be better to say something like ‘well done (for not giving up)’


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