Running up walls and jumping off rooftops – crazy, right?

After my home workout this morning (thanks to exercise videos on YouTube!), I was distracted by the choice of videos suggested to me. I don’t usually watch any, but today I first watched a couple of inhuman bodybuilding videos and then others on the opposite extreme of obesity, before finding myself watching parkour. (Do you) Know what that is?

Wikipedia defines it as a training discipline that developed out of military obstacle course training’, also called the “art of displacement”. But if that doesn’t make any sense to you, then imagine an urban scene such as a play area, park, playgrounds, or any place with steps, railings, walls and rooftops. Then throw in some baggy clothed youths who will then run, jump, somersault and vault over, through, up, along and any which way over the obstacles like this:

(Are you) Still not too sure? Then watch

…Now that’s impressive, don’t you think?! Just type ‘parkour’ or ‘free running’ into YouTube and see what other amazing stunts these traceurs (people who do parkour) are capable of.



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  1. Hi! Long time no see. I haven’t sent my comment to you for a kong time.
    I’m sorry. I’m going to do it more from now on. I’ve watched parkour on TV once. But I didn’t know its name. It’s so cool and amazing! Are tracers not afraid of running and jumping, then somersaulting from rooftops to rooftops? Incredible!! But I guess they really enjoy it. If I could, my world view would change. Well, if I so, I’ll be upside-down at height. I want to see live parkour once.

    • Hi Rose
      Yes, isn’t parkour amazing? I guess the traceurs build up their skill to be able to do the tricks they do. It’s the same with all difficult skills, isn’t it – ski jumping, learning a language – you practice the basics first, and gradually learn more difficult skills (of grammar, and more vocabulary).
      Did you like the video? I thought the guy ‘jumping’ into the car was unreal!

  2. OH, I made a mistake in the first line. It’s ” long”, not ” kong”.


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