Bargain hunting in Japan

As I paid for my shopping at my local supermarket last week, I was given a coupon with my receipt. I’m a real bargain hunter so was quite excited, especially when I noticed that it was for a ‘chuhai’ drink that I like. Then I had a look at the deal…


Wow! If I bought 4 cans the supermarket would give me a discount of…20yen (a ‘whopping’ 13p, 21cents)!!!! And for that I had to buy 4 cans?! So I would save 5yen per can. Now that’s (NOT) a bargain! (Please note that I have used sarcasm here which is when you deliberately use words which have the opposite meaning from what you actually think – whopping =big, huge). Was it really worth them printing out the coupon? Do they really think that offering a 5 yen discount will make people buy the product?

I’m not Japanese and not a business woman so I may be completely mistaken in this. Here, it may have the intended effect to sell more products. In Britain there are always very good savings at supermarkets such as ‘Buy 2 get 1 free’, or ‘Buy 1 get 1 half price’ and even sometimes ‘Buy 1 get 1 free’ so to me such a small saving is a little ridiculous.

Anyway, when I did my next shop, I was again presented with a coupon…for the same product, but this time – look:


Now I only had to buy 2 cans to get my 10yen off i.e. again 5yen per can discount!! Maybe if I go next time I can get a whole 5 yen off from just 1 can! (I am continuing to use sarcastic humour to express myself.)

I have since spoken to a Japanese friend who has says that she would indeed buy the product if she got the coupon, so clearly I think that we are spoilt with our bargains in the UK!


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  1. Hi! Such a coupon with the back of the receipt is common in Japanese supermarket. But it’s not useful and valuable, I think. If you buy 4 cans, you can get only 20 yen discount. No way! You know, there’re other else discount system in Japan. It’s a ” POINT CARD”. There’re so many varieties of it . The point card of electric shop such as Yodobashi, Big Camara and Yamada Denki is of great value and useful. The discount percentage is so higher than the coupon with receipt. when I go there , I use the point to the shopping or save it without using point. OH, there’s a liquor section in the second floor of Big Camera around JR Sapporo station, such as beer, wine, champagne, Nihonshu….etc. Buying by using the point may be cheeper than the coupon with receipt. I have many point cards actually, but It’s a little bit annoying when I use them. Cause it takes a bit time to fish them in the wallet.

    • You’re right, Fuyu. I think point cards are good in Japan, although as you say, if you do have a lot, you do have to fish FOR them in YOUR wallet.

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