Sandwiches – part 2

A while ago I wrote about the wonder of sandwiches in Japan with their array of bizarre and unusual fillings ( One of my loyal readers, after reading that post, yesterday gave me a delicious gift of such sandwiches:


Would you look at that! Oh my goodness! Unbelievable! On the left, we have breaded shrimp and potato salad (potato in a sandwich?!); in the centre is tomato cream (which tasted like jam)(cream in a sandwich?!); and on the right was my favourite – strawberry, kiwi and banana and cream (fruit in a sandwich?!). Wow, Japan, that’s wonderful, and delicious! Thank you for your inventiveness! And thank you to my kind reader for gifting me this delectable delight!


Sandwiches – part 2」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! They look delicious! There are more great and interesting sandwiches in Japan such as a potato croquette sandwich, a YAKISOBA sandwich.
    Sandwich comes from your country, you told me. Japanese loves it, and also inventing the new sandwich!

  2. Oh, I made a mistake. I’m Yuria. But I wrote ” YUIRIA”.


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