A rude awakening

A rude awakening is just what it says it is – when you are woken up by some thing rude. In my case, for the past few months it has been because of the demolition of a building next to mine. It begins at 8am 6 days a week, and yes, maybe it is good as an alarm clock to get me out of bed(!), but I would prefer something a little more soothing! There has also been demolition and construction of another building just a hundred metres away for over 6 months, so I feel like I have been living next to a building site for quite a while already.

In a way, I am interested in how they have been pulling down the buildings, using several diggers  to literally tear them to pieces and then separating the rubble from the metal. They have also had to deal with working in all the snow and in such cold temperatures. They must be hardy guys. However, it’s such a drone that it has not been very pleasant being at home with the constant noise pollution.

Anyway, recently a significant development has been made as the scaffolding and huge drapes that shroud the site have started to come down, and now, wow, I am amazed at how much more light I receive! I am almost blinded by it when I leave my flat, actually!


I’m looking forward to when they are down to ground level and the debris has all been cleared….however, I fear that I may then have to endure another period of more construction and once again my precious light taken away as a new building is erected. But what can I do? Move?!


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  1. Hi! Oh, it’s surprising photos. I sympathize with you. I ‘m wondering the construction business in Hokkaido has gone well. I’ve not seen such a scene all the time. I hope such a bother thing will be away from you.



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