Riveting news – Oscar Pistorius

Recently, I have tried to keep abreast of current affairs by having the BBC news tab always open on my internet browser. I look at it briefly every day, but often don’t get beyond the headlines, or go straight to the sports page. I don’t have a TV here in Japan, and don’t miss not having one, but I do miss sports action, especially from the UK. I make do with just catching up on the internet and sometimes listening to radio broadcasts.

Anyway, this last week, one story that has hit the news has astounded me – that of the South African paralympian athlete, Oscar Pistorius, and his shooting of his girlfriend. I am currently listening to the live bail ruling from the judge. I don’t understand all of the technical terminology, and it is very long-winded, but I am very keen to hear if he will be given bail.

I’d always thought of Oscar as a great ambassador for Paralympic sport. He was the most well-known, and possibly the only internationally known paralympian, and he did a lot to raise the profile of the sport. By winning the right to compete alongside able-bodied athletes in last year’s London Olympics, he really showed that his disability did not disadvantage him, and that he could and should be treated as an equal to his fellow athletes.

So, I was completely dumbfounded when I heard that he had shot his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. To be honest though, he had a gun, and he used it, intending to kill someone, even if he is telling the truth that he thought it was a burglar. He killed someone with intent, and that person was locked inside a toilet so it was not even in self-defence. Doesn’t that make him a murderer anyway? I’m so shocked.

He has thrown away his flourishing career, having overcome and defeated his disability in the ultimate achievement of success, in my opinion. He has deliberately killed someone, and now he will suffer for his actions for the rest of his life, regardless of how he is convicted. Unbelievable.

What do you think of it all?


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  1. Hi! This news has been on TV a lot this week. I was so shocked! He is the most famous athlete who has disability in the world. At least, he is so in Japan. He gave us many impressions , dreams, and hope. I don’t know why this incident occurred.
    As you said, he lost everything, I think.
    I want to know the truth.

    • Yes, but will we? I’ve been involved in a court case myself, and unfortunately, people lie and the truth gets twisted. I’m not sure what the justice would be in this case, but one fact is clear – he killed his girlfriend.



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