Another reason why Japan makes me laugh…

Cuteness. Or the ‘kawaii’ culture as it is known here. To me, and maybe other Westerners, only young animals and kids are cute. (OK, guys can be too, but that’s a slightly different meaning.)

But here, it seems that absolutely anything can become ‘cute-ified’. If I said the words ‘contact lens cleaner’ to you, would the words ‘cute’ have come into your mind? No, I don’t think so, right? Now take a look at this:


I suppose that the use of cartoon bears eating ‘dango’, sitting on soft cushions and the words ‘I love Rilakkuma’, along with a soft pink vial with a chick on = cute. Am I right?

To be honest, maybe the first word I thought of was ‘ridiculous’! But on the other hand, I honestly believe that the cuteness culture is so engrained into Japanese people that many, especially ladies and teens, would buy this product purely because of the packaging, in which case, it would be a successful product. Would it sell as well outside Japan, or in the UK? I very much doubt it. Let’s find out! Would you buy this product? If so, why? Would it be because it was cute? If not, why not? Would it be because it was cute?! I would only buy it once just because it is so hilarious to me! By the way, the actual buyer of this product apparently bought it because it was cheap, made in Japan and removed protein, so therefore it actually had nothing to do with its cuteness, so maybe I am wrong! Please let me know!



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  1. ” KAWAII(CUTE)” culture is only in Japan, I think. when most Japanese ( Women) buy something, I think they would think how useful and cheap it is. But , If there are same qualified goods, maybe most of them will chose cuter one for them. It’s not too much say that Japanese women say ” KAWAII” every day. ” Rilakkuma” comes from Lawson store. The meanings of ” Rilakkuma” are ” a relaxed bear” and ” let’s relax by looking Rirakkuma and using its goods.”, I think. You aren’t wrong, but in Japan, especially for young women, they always need ” CUTENESS かわいさ”.

    • Thank you for your insight, Yuki. So do YOU need cuteness too? Would you buy this product? I’m really interested in this!

      • Hi! ” Cuteness” isn’t so necessary for me. I’m not sure whether I buy it until the time comes. But if there is only it, I do. Lawson store often has a lot of “Rilakkuma goods” while it hold the campaign of collecting the seal on it.( on foods, drinks, sweets,…etc) If you collect the Rilakkuma seals, you can get incentives such as Rilakkuma’s glass, towel, stuffed doll, ….etc. If there is the incentives that I want, I may buy Rilakkuma goods and collect seals in order to get some Rilakkuma incentive items. It’s like a point-up and back campaign in Japan.
        Cuteness is that the cutest thing for me is a polar bear cub!
        I really want to meet it!

      • Yes, I think that incentives are a good idea, although I haven’t seen many good campaigns here. One, for example, was that you had to buy about 10 or 12 beers, attach the stamps to a card, then pay for postage to be entered into a raffle to win some crockery. Like, I’ve said before, you can’t get much of a bargain in Japan at times! (Although you can get to ski fields for free by bus which is great!)
        Be careful, by the way, if you ever get to meet that polar bear cub!

  2. I’m a German woman and I would NOT buy the product BECAUSE it’s too cute. I prefer it simple, even though I like a stylish design. But this is too cute! I’d buy it as a joke for a foreign friend or for a child.


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