Ranting and raving about being woken up

Recently, I blogged about the construction work going on outside where I live (A rude awakening). Today, it has once again given me my topic to write about. Why? Well, for the past few months they have been pulling down an old building, starting work at 8am, which, for me, was still too early, but I tried to think of it as an alarm clock. Yet, yesterday, the horrible drone of the diggers now cleaning up the mess and laying the foundations for a new building, began at 7.30am. OK, I thought, well, I guess I’ll get up now then. But today, I was rudely awakened by the noise, which is completely impossible to escape from, BEFORE 7am!!! What???!!! I looked at my clock in disbelief! Is that allowed? Are there any laws in Japan about noise pollution? In the UK you would not be able to make noise so early, but here I guess that law doesn’t exist. In the Land of the Rising Sun, people usually get up earlier anyway, I think, and also, do not seem to be affected by such things as continual noise 6 days a week entering their home.

I know I need to find my zen and learn to accept it, rather than feeling my blood boil. Or, maybe I should just go to bed earlier so I get enough sleep before it begins, and then just leave home for the day. Unfortunately, I work from home sometimes, which does not make it pleasurable living here for me. So, how long does it take to build what will probably be another huge monolith of a building, once again blocking my light and view?

Actually, I have the answer. I should just move, right?

But, enough of my rant. I found a questionnaire by the BBC and researchers from my old university about sleep. I found it really interesting to do. Why don’t you try it? You answer some questions about your sleeping habits and then you receive a score and feedback about how well you are sleeping:




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  1. Hi! You were awakened before 7am by the noise !!! That’s terrible!!!
    What name is the company? I think that It’s not allowed to begin the constructional work before 7am in Japan.
    Perhaps, some of residents there will complain about it to the company, I think.
    By the way, I tried the website of sleeping habits.
    I scored 81 %. It was that ” Your sleep is very well optimized “.

    • I should find out the name of the company, I think. It began at 6.45 I reckon and was awful all day. I had to be at home in the morning, but luckily could escape in the afternoon. I tried to make as much of my own noise to combat it by vacuuming, doing washing (laundry), and then listening to music which helped.
      I hope people do complain. It’s still cold outside so my windows are closed, but I can’t imagine having to live with this in the summer when I keep my windows open.

      Anyway, I’m glad you took the sleep test. Your score was very good – well done! Enjoy your sleep!

  2. Hi, I’m a construcion campany man, but not concerned with this matter. We are sorry about your comfort sleep. Generally speaking, we usually start our work early. Because something will happen in the construcion site and trafic matters. The latter problem is special one in Japan. We have narrow roads here in Japan, so if we start 8 or 9 am.our heavy and big constrution cars would make a traffic jam. So we start early. We hope you will take a lot of pacience for a while.

    • Thank you for your comment. Now I understand a little better. However, I still don’t see why the use of noisy diggers on the site at such an early hour is necessary, and actually, the site is right out onto a very wide road so I don’t see how that could cause a traffic jam, really.
      Anyway, thank you for trying to explain. I know I should just accept the situation placidly like I’m sure my Japanese neighbours do. I definitely need to find some patience (and good ear plugs!) from somewhere!



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