‘Snow joke!’ = It’s true!

Here in Sapporo we have had so much snow this winter. I found this news report from the BBC which shows how much they have had in Aomori. It’s really amazing to see, especially if you don’t know just how much snow can fall in one winter. Check it out here.

…Whaddya reckon? (= What do you reckon? ‘Reckon’ means ‘think’ and is very common in spoken British English.) Quite astonishing, isn’t it?

Now, did you understand the title ‘Snow joke?’ Native English speakers sometimes cut off parts of words, so instead of saying, ‘It is no joke’, they’ll say ‘s no joke.’ And that sounds the same as ‘snow joke’! ‘It’s no joke’ means ‘It’s true.’

Geddit? (= Get it? i.e. Do you understand?) If you do understand, you can say, ‘Goddit’ (=Got it. i.e. Yes, I do (understand.))

And check out this photo taken in Sapporo the other day:Photo: took this yesterday in Sapporo...

Amazing, right?

It did actually rain here yesterday though so spring is finally coming. But the rain froze and made everywhere very slippery. And today it is snowing again. I’m going outdoor ice skating and hopefully cross-country skiing too tomorrow, just before they finish for the season. And then soon we’ll have the big messy melt!


‘Snow joke!’ = It’s true!」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Wow, I see. The sound of ” SNOW JOKE” is so interesting! Got it!
    I hope it’ll be fine tomorrow and you’ll do cross-country skiing.
    I’ve never done it, so I’ll try some day.
    ” Reckon” is a new word for me. Thanks for teaching.
    I’ll use it!

    • I’m glad you understand the joke, Rose. Yes, I hope I can skate and ski today. It’s my last chance this winter, but the weather does seem to be better than the terrible storm we had yesterday, so fingers crossed (this means I will have luck), I can do both.



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