What makes Japan interesting?

To me, it’s often the English I see:


Why Loveland for a sweet? I would understand if it were a love hotel! Why not for a sweet, though?! There are some funny brand names here:the drink Pocari Sweat (you sweat when you get hot – not a nice idea to drink sweat!), and Titty and Co. (tits are women’s breasts).


And I spotted this gentleman on my way home the other night. It had been raining, and I guess he didn’t have an umbrella! …but he was inside! He was having a nap.


I think he is even more fashionable than me!


(Not my real hair!)


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  1. Wow! ” Love land ” may be understood ” Love hotel ” by English native speakers!?! I think you sometimes see Japanese wear some t-shirt with English words, perhaps you would often think strange and weird about the English words on it. But they love English word and feel cool and nice while wearing it, and also be proud of it. To be back to the last English word ” Love land”, I guess this candy has a meaning of ” the world that is full of love, happiness and hope” and ” If you eat it, you’ll feel happy ” …..etc. I’ve never chosen such clothes since I heard English native speakers felt the words on them. But anyway, Japanese like English words! About your second photo, you saw the man in underground walking way from Sapporo station to Oodori’s, didn’t you? I often walk this way, and I see the people who are having a nap, too. The last photo seems like you. Is it your pic.?

    • I understand what you mean about how Japanese people feel when they wear clothes with English words on. Western people often go a step further and have tattoos of kanji because they think they are cool.
      You’re right about where I saw the sleeping man. It made me laugh because he had a plastic bag on his head, and hadn’t taken it off! How great that he didn’t care how he looked!
      Yes, the last photo is me! I was trying on Halloween outfits in a shop at the time!



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