Mid March and still mid winter?!

Here in Hokkaido, Japan, we still have lots and lots of snow:


At the weekend we had blizzards here and about 10-15cm more fresh snow fell. Is this usual, or is it a result of global warming?

I was interested to read that around the world there has been heavy snow recently too, in the US and Europe. Click here to read about the latest problems in Germany, and here to watch a video about the situation in my home country in the UK.

Whadda ya think? (What do you think?) Why are we still getting so much snow at this time of year? Is it a good or bad thing? Does it matter? Personally, I love snow so like the idea of being able to ski and snowboard for longer, but I don’t like the slushiness and puddles created when it starts to melt as it gets warmer…and there’s a LOT of that still to come here!


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  1. Hey, what a lot of snow in Sapporo! My friend runs his company of removing the snow by snowploughs and dumper trucks . His company hasn’t be able to take any day off since new year started. If his staffs work very hard for long hours, the snow falls in excess amount one after another. So their work can’t finish. And transportation, motorists, walkers and company have a great trouble with a lot of snow. But it’s hard to say…., this snow is happy for me. Because I can enjoy skiing thoroughly. I watched the video of your country’s weather and read the article. Actually, I went skiing to Sahoro ski resort on Sunday , although the weather was really bad . ( The weather was windy, cloudy and snowy in Sahoro, but I enjoyed skiing. It was better than in Sapporo.) The video was the same as the weather and road condition on my way to Sahoro. Such a weather is due to global warming?
    But anyway, I agree with you. I don’t like the slushiness and puddles, either. I wish a lot of snow would be in only mountains, not in town.

    • Yes, I think your friend has a never ending job at the moment, although the past two days have been very mild and lots of snow is melting.
      But,like me, the snow is good for you. (It makes you happy, but IT isn’t happy.)
      I hope we can continue to enjoy the snow in the mountains, but maybe it’s best if it melts quickly in the towns.

  2. Good morning! I’m watching the TV news now.
    The services has been suspending in Charles de Gaulle airport , Frankfurt airport and even Eurostar! Lots and lots of snow in Northwest Europe!!!!!

    • Flights have been suspendED in more countries in Europe? Wow! It’s almost unheard of to have so much snow at this time of year!
      This year in the UK there has been snow in November and in March, that’s just like in Sapporo! Is the UK becoming more like Hokkaido? In that case, we just need mountains so I can enjoy winter sports there too, as well as here in Japan!



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