The Wonderful World of English Spelling and Pronunciation

I’ve just come across this most delightful poem which highlights the marvels of English spelling and the variations in pronunciation. Take the spelling ‘ough’: How many ways can you think of to pronounce it?For example: through, though, thorough…

Actually, it can be pronounced in 10 different ways! Click here for all 10.

And then, click here for that super poem.

Enjoy the world’s global language! (Sometimes I wonder whether, if a vote were cast, would English actually be chosen as such an important lingua franca?!)



The Wonderful World of English Spelling and Pronunciation」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Wow! Incredible! I looked the first website and I was surprised ” ough” has 10 different pronunciations. Then I also looked the second one. It was so tough to pronounce. I listened to the the man 5 times and pronounced it, but I couldn’t do it well. I’ve decided I carry the poem and read it every day.
    As I don’t have a printer unfortunately, I’m going to write it by myself from now. I want to overcome the difficulty. I’ll do my best.
    I took Nels’s pronunciation lesson on Sunday and realized the importance of pronunciation again so much. It was so worthy and valuable for English learner. If it hold again, I’ll join it definitely.
    Is the pronunciation of the poem dreadful?
    The man said so. But I mustn’t think so.
    I say again, I’ll do my best.

  2. Hi! I might have made a bit mistake. The man of the website didn’t say that the pronunciation of the poem was dreadful. He said ” What do you reckon that it is dreadful? “, I suppose. I don’t think so. And I mustn’t think so. It’s a good practice for the pronunciation!

    • I’m glad you liked the poem, Yuki.
      He says the English language is dreadful because the spelling doesn’t always match the pronunciation. It’s difficult, isn’t it. At school, children have spelling tests to make sure they learn how to spell, so if even native speakers think it is hard, it must be!
      You are a great student, though, Yuki, and a good speller, so keep up you excellent efforts.


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