A folding car?

I spotted this video on the BBC news website, and thought it worthy of sharing. You have to watch it to believe it. Really? A folding car?

Whaddya think?



A folding car?」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Wow! A folding car? Unbelievable!
    I remembered the film ” Transformer”. It’s like a robot, isn’t it?
    It’s the saving space car! The” Eco-car” is trendy in Japan.
    The folding car might be similar. I was shocked!
    If Japanese women look it, I guess they think it’s cute.
    This is ” KAWAII CUTE ” culture.
    But I wonder what you can do if you leave your luggage such as goods that you bought at supermarket in the car. If it fold, how your purchase is?
    But this invention would be great.

    • Yes, this is a bit like a ‘Transformer’ car, isn’t it?
      Say, ‘If Japanese women SEE it’ – Use ‘see’ when you do not necessarily choose to look at something, but just by chance you do. And remember, ‘look’ needs a preposition after it such as ‘at’ or ‘for’.
      It seemed like the car folds with the passengers still inside, so I imagine that any luggage would also be OK. But, it is a good question!



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