News: More accents to be added to TOEFL

Starting this month, TOEFL have announced that they will now be including other native-speaker accents to their tests, so test takers will not just hear North American accents ( . As a British TOEFL teacher this is great news for me as until now I have felt the test to be too American-centred. I know that the test is most commonly used by American universities and therefore an American accent is important, but I think that by taking this step, ETS, the test organisation, will become more marketable to other countries.

Now, we just need EIKEN to follow suit! At the moment, learners only hear North American accents until they reach pre-1! This is like saying that Japanese learners of English will never meet a non-North American until they are already at a high level of English! Preposterous, if you ask me! (But that’s just my humble opinion!)

I know that differentiating between accents is difficult for English learners anyway, so why not expose them to all sorts of Englishes? After all, the majority of conversations in English are actually between non-native speakers, so let’s bring on World English and face the notion of  global English and mutual intelligibility front on.


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  1. Hi! I never knew that TOFEL’s accents have used only from American English. I was glad to know it. You always teach us the differences from British English and American English such as the pronunciations, the
    spelling, …etc. You’re the first English teacher to teach them for me. I don’t think the teacher would usually teach such things. So you’re GREAT!
    Thank you always. As you said, I think EIKEN should follow suit . I had the Eiken test of the second degree in my schooldays. I remember that I felt it was like a regular English test of the school.
    By the way, do you know that TOFEL test will be adopted to the entrance exam of the universities and the Government employees in Japan in several years? I’ve been reading, seeing, and hearing this news lately.
    So I suppose English wii be more important in Japan and young people will need to learn English more.
    I like your sentence that is ” Let’s bring on World English and face the notion of global English and mutual intelligibility front on.” You’re right!
    I’ll do my best.

    • So you already have Eiken 2 from your school days? That’s a good level, Momo. Your level is even higher now though because you study really hard.
      Yes, I have heard that TOEFL will become more important in Japan, but your information was very interesting to hear. Thank you for telling me.

  2. Oops! I don’t know why the lines of the sentences slipped off.
    And I found a mistake in the sentence of ” So I suppose…….” .
    Not ” wii “, it’s ” will “.


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