British social class

Social class in my country, Britain, has always played a big part in society. From the second someone opens their mouth and you hear their accent, you see the clothes they wear, you know where they live, what school they went to, and what their occupation is, judgement is cast upon a person’s social class. Hobbies and sports are also classified (this word ‘classified’ even comes from the verb ‘to class’ – to put into a certain category). For example, football is a working class sport, and rugby a middle class one, whereas polo is reserved for the elite. Which pub you go to is also a factor. Most of the time these judgements are kept to yourself, but certainly, inside your head, you have ranked the person, and probably compared them to your own defined social status. Interesting, isn’t it?

Have a look at this ‘Class calculator‘ and have a go if you like. I did. Actually, I laughed when the results told me I was in the lowest class – precariat. I’m not sure it is such an accurate measurement really, but just a bit of fun.

What about in your country, do you have such a social hierarchical system? What do you think about it? Do you think it is good or bad, or just part of the culture?


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  1. …and I’m an emergent service worker…

  2. Wow! I tried the test now. It was fun. My result was ” Elite”, but actually I took it while thinking how I could get ” Elite”, so I got it . LOL.
    Football is the woking class sport? I can’t believe it!
    In Japan, it’s the most popular….unbelievable!
    The pro football players are the elite and the celeb in Japan.
    Wow! It’s different from your country.
    And also about the pub, it’s for only the factor? Oh, I love drinking! I love Japanese Izakaya and Bar. I can’t believe it again!
    The hierarchical system in Japan….., what do we have? ……, I can’t find….., if I remember it, I’ll tell you.

    • I’m not so surprised you got ‘elite’, Yuki. You mix with affluent people. (Even when I did the test again< I still got the lowest class!)
      Well, football is the most popular sport in the UK too, and the footballers get paid enormous wages, but generally they, and the fans, come from working class backgrounds.
      Yes, I think it's very different in Japan – I certainly don't notice such a divide between people here.


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