Octopus Balls party!

‘Pardon? Did you just say ‘octopus balls?’

Yes, I did!

‘What on earth are ‘octopus balls?’


Don’t worry, they are not as you might think! Octopus balls, as they are translated from the Japanese ‘takoyaki’, are cooked balls of dough with pieces of octopus inside. We don’t eat octopus in the UK, but in Japan it’s very common, and delicious.

We decided to have an ‘Octopus Balls etc. Party’ at NELS. Previously, a friend of mine had suggested making sweet balls too, so after we had eaten lots of octopus, ham and cheese balls, we moved on to making balls filled with chocolate, chestnuts, truffles, fruit, and even Christmas pudding from the UK. DE-LI-CIOUS!!!

To see the photos of the evening, look here.



Octopus Balls party!」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Thanks for the great party! It was so fun. Actually, it was the first time for me to make TAKOYAKI by myself. I couldn’t make the shape well, but it was so good! Even if the shape wasn’t good, it was really fun to make TAKOYAKI! I’d like to try to do it again. Then I’ll make the shape better. I thought it was so nice and fun to be held a party at NELS! I hope the party at NELS will be held again. I thought it was hard to be ready for making TAKOYAKI and clean up after the party. Thanks for making us so fun! And I’d like to make a toast in Okinawa style ” HANA HANA HANA HANNAH ” again! Thanks so much, Hannah and Yoko.

    • Thanks, for coming, Fuyu! I’m glad you had a good time and enjoyed making takoyaki. It was the first time you had made them? I am surprised, but then again, Hokkaido isn’t known for its octopus balls, is it?!
      Thank you to you too for making it a fun evening. We’ll have to have another party at NELS again soon!



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