Is it bread? A cake? No, but it WILL be mushrooms!

The other day I received one of the most unusual gifts ever.What do you think this is?


At first I thought it might be bread, but it was too heavy. Then I thought it could be cake – a really heavy one! Actually, I had no idea! I asked my gift bearer and was told that it was a kind of log. A log? ‘Err…, OK,’ I thought, wondering what I should do with it. Then she explained: It would actually grow into lots of mushrooms. ‘Blimey! How cool is that!’ I thought. So I am now the proud soon-to-be-parent of some ‘germinating’ mushroom babies. I have to water them twice a day, sing to them and tell them bed-time stories. (OK, so maybe I don’t have to do the last two things…but it might help!) I have been giving him a shower, but he didn’t seem to be drinking, so now I am giving him a long soak, like a bath. I think he prefers swimming really, but he needs to open up his little pores and start guzzling down the water if he is to grow big and strong. Maybe I should give him a name. Whadda ya reckon? Please let me know your suggestions!


Is it bread? A cake? No, but it WILL be mushrooms!」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Blimey! It’s so interesting log! You’re talking and singing to them! So good!
    My mother loved raising flowers and plants. She always talked and sang to them. And she told me it was good for their growth to do so.
    I’m sure your babies will grow well.
    Looking forward to it!


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