When teachers become students: Learning from an expert

You may think that teachers just teach, but actually, I think that we are always learning too. Today, Yoko and I went to a lecture given by a very well known professor in the field of linguistics and in particular, vocabulary. He has written many books on the subject, and has lots of FREE material on his website. He was a really good presenter: he was informative, educational and also told really funny anecdotes (= stories) about language. At NELS we use one of his books on our Eiken course. Please check out his site and please take advantage of his material; it is super good! He has lots of excellent reading material available for free. It is graded according to your vocabulary level, so it could be a good idea to take one of his vocabulary tests, for free, before you read. Your score would tell you how many words you know and then you could choose a book at the right level for you. One of the best ways of acquiring new vocabulary is through reading…but it must be at the right level. There should be no more than 6 new words per page, otherwise you will not understand the material enough, and there will be too many new words for your brain to cope with. Check out what he has to offer here – it’s brilliant!

Here we are with the man himself, Prof. Paul Nation:



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  1. Hi! Thanks for the new English website. I found ” English words and Japanese words website” on it. I’m trying it now. Thanks!



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