My mushroom kebab tree + english learning material about British Social Classes

I just thought I’d update you on the progress of what I am calling my ‘mushroom kebab tree’. However, it is neither a mushroom (but it produces them), a kebab (a big cylindrical block of meat which cooks whilst rotating vertically, and is sliced and served in pita bread – very commonly eaten on the way home from a night out drinking in the UK!), nor a tree! Image  KebabImage My Mushroom Kebab tree.

It looks like mouldy kebab actually! Well that was on Day 4, but now look:


‘He’ already has nine growing babies and another two ready to sprout! I’m so proud! I’m excited to see what happens next. Have you ever grown fungi? How will I know when it’s ready?

On a completely different note, I short while ago I wrote about a new division of British social class. Today, I came across a really cool speed reading exercise on the same topic. It’s written in quite simple English for English learners and the writing scrolls automatically down the computer screen at various speeds so you can find out how fast you can read, i.e. how many words you can read per minute, and then you can work on improving it. If you can read the passage comfortably to yourself, and understand the majority of it at the 100 words per minute level, try the next speed up. This exercise is good for improving your reading fluency and comprehension. To work on your speaking, try reading the passage aloud: this will be more difficult. You can also listen to the text by clicking MP3 at the foot of the page. Then you can try reading along at the same pace as the speaker. Alternatively, you could try ‘Repeat ‘n’ Speak, our NELS method, and without looking at the text, pause the audio after each phrase, and try to repeat back exactly what you hear. You can then check if you are correct by looking at the text. Your ultimate goal would be to be able to repeat back perfectly what you hear, and make the phrases longer until you can correctly repeat back full sentences. Why not try it yourself here!


My mushroom kebab tree + english learning material about British Social Classes」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Blimey! Your sweet babies of the mushroom kebab tree are growing actively. I’m looking forward to their growth.
    Kebab is eaten in U.K. commonly! Sounds good! I want to eat it, but I can’t because there is no Kebab restaurant in Sapporo.
    Thanks for telling the speed reading exercise website.
    I scanned it , but I couldn’t do it because I got home late.
    I’m going to exercise it hard next day. After that, I’ll tell you my result.
    I’ll do my best!

    • I’d be interested to hear how you do on the speed reading, Momo. You’ll TRY (not exercise) it TOMORROW (not the next day). Good luck!

  2. Hi! I’m doing ” Listen A Minute ” on the website now. It’s really interesting and fun of exercising! I’m going to continue it. Thank you!


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