TOEFL inspires learning – what on earth is a kinetic sculpture?

Once again, TOEFL material has inspired my blog entry. This time it’s about kinaesthetic art and kinetic sculptures. Whilst looking for information on You Tube for a NELS TOEFL lesson, we found some really incredible moving sculptures. The man behind many of these creations is a Dutch man called Theo Jansen. He has made a ‘family’ of what must be seen to be believed. He gives a TED talk in this video and shows some of his ‘animals’. Quite remarkable, don’t you think? I’m not convinced of the point of them, and I’m sure he is a little crazy, but his work certainly makes for eye-opening entertainment.

TOEFL inspires learning – what on earth is a kinetic sculpture?」への3件のフィードバック

  1. crazy….

  2. Blimey! I watched the video. Yeah, I think he is a little crazy, but his animals surprised me!!! Some of them look like a huge jellyfish and some dinosaur.
    There is a person who invents such odd and interesting things in the world!


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