My fascination with Japanese kawaiiness continues!

I have a confession to make: In the past I have blogged about how everything can be kawaii, or cute, in Japan. I am not a cutesy kind of person, but look what washing powder I recently bought:…


In my defence, I didn’t buy it because I thought, ‘Oh wow, that’s so cute, I must buy it!’ I bought it because I thought, ‘Wow, how can washing powder be promoted through such characters! That’s so crazy, I must buy it!’ (It was also a good price, but actually I don’t think it washes so well, and I will not buy it again!) What is the connection between cat-like Russian (?) dolls, and a Russian looking teddy bear, and clean washing?! I don’t get it! In English speaking countries, we say that ‘sex sells’ i.e. beautiful scantily-clad (= wearing very few clothes) women and strong-looking, handsome men will attract the consumer’s attention and they may buy the product as a result. In Japan, it seems that ‘kawaiiness, or cuteness sells’!




My fascination with Japanese kawaiiness continues!」への2件のフィードバック

  1. It’s FAFA laundry detergent! FAFA is familiar in Japan.
    I found Japanese phrase ” ミックスベリーの収穫祭 ( SHUKAKUSAI)” in the photo on the left below. It means ” the harvest festival of the mixed berry ” . The scent of it is mixed berry, isn’t it?

    • Actually, I hadn’t noticed the smell, and I thought it was very weak which is one reason I shan’t be buying it again!


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