5 super pronunciation resources for /f/ and /v/

After my NELS pronunciation lesson yesterday I wanted to share some great on-line resources with you to help you with your continuing practice of the sounds /f/ and /v/. Please check out the sites below, and let me know what you think:

1. The University of IOWA has an excellent interactive flash guide to pronouncing each sound in English. It is difficult to navigate if you don’t know the terminology though, so to help, for /f/ click ‘consonants’ ‘voiceless’, and for /v/ click ‘consonants’ ‘voiced’. Follow the link here.

2. Rachel’s English has really good videos showing and explaining mouth positions. In this video she compares /f/ and /v/, but she also separates them in two separate videos which you can access from the combined video.

3. Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary has a superb pronunciation practice exercise comparing /f/ and /v/ here.

4. Sounds of English shows very short videos of mouths up close, so grab your mirror, and click here for the pronunciation of ‘five‘ and ‘vat‘.

5. Spoken Skills allows you to listen to sentences and then you can record and hear yourself. Click here for /f/, and here for /v/ sentences.

After all that practice, these /f/ and /v/ tongue twisters should be no problem for you! Enjoy!




5 super pronunciation resources for /f/ and /v/」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Blimey! It’s superb means of learning pronunciation ” F ” and ” V ” !
    Thanks for posting 5 websites. I opened them right away and tried them.
    They are so interesting and fun, and also they never make me bored.
    I’ll do my best to try and try them in Golden Week! I got a great treat !
    ” 2 ” reminds me of your pronunciation class so I’m glad to review your lesson using it! ” 5 ” is so fun and I was able to record my voice. I realized the differences of native speaker’s pronunciation and mine. I’ll do my best!
    Thank you so much for your pronunciation lesson! I like the sounds of ” EVERY” and ” EVER” that native speakers say. I’d like to be able to speak them like you! Thanks, Hannah!



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