Clever crows, or just a mystery? Washing + hangers…

A strange thing happened to me yesterday…

My washing was hanging up outside to dry. (Nothing strange about that.)

At one point I saw a crow flying away from my balcony. (Nothing strange about that, either.)

Later, I noticed that one of my tops was on the ground so I went out to pick it up. ‘The wind must have blown it off,’ I thought. (Not strange either, right?) I looked for the hanger, but…, where was it? Not on the pole, not on the ground. I looked over the balcony from my fourth floor flat: Nope, it wasn’t down their either. Hmmm… (now it’s starting to get a bit strange, right?!) Anyway, I put it down to my going slightly mad, and forgot about it.

A bit later on, I noticed that a shirt was now on the ground. ‘Oh, it must be really windy,’ I thought. So again, I went out to pick it up. Guess what. Yep, no hanger again. (Now, it’s really starting to get strange, isn’t it?!)

Was a crow actually taking my clothing off the hangers, and then stealing them? Or do I have ninja neighbours who climbed onto my balcony and took them? The thing is, I was actually at home most of the time and sitting on my sofa which looks right out onto the balcony!

Who do YOU reckon is the culprit? I actually think it’s quite funny to lose two hangers in one day, the first time I hang my clothes outside this year. The thing is, I don’t really want to lose hangers every time I do so! What should I do?! Suggestions welcomed!


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  1. Hi ! It was strange but I think the crow stole them. I had a same experience. One day, I hung my washing up onto the balcony and entered the room. (my room is the fifth floor. ) Suddenly, I heard a crow crying outside and went out then the crow held my t-shirt and flew away. It was late I shouted ” stop”. Do you know why the trash bag yellow is ? Crows can’t recognize yellow so it is used yellow. If you use yellow hangers, crows could not do such a mischief.

    • Really?! Thank you for sharing your experience, Yuki! So crows really are that crafty! Well, in that case, I am surprised that everyone doesn’t use yellow hangers! I should get some!
      By the way, use ‘flat’ or ‘apartment’ to say where you live, rather than just ‘room’.
      Also, say ‘yellow is used’ i.e. the passive form, or ‘that’s why bags are yellow’, again, the passive.


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