The most fun you can have with a camera!

= Trick Art.

Ask me if I am an art fan and I will say no. OK, I can appreciate the skill and talent that many artists have, and can appreciate that, but show me something that looks like a monkey has created, and I am not so impressed (No offence meant to any monkeys and their artistic ability).

However, when I was shown a leaflet about Trick Art, I was immediately captivated. OK, well not so much yesterday that I wanted to queue for an hour, but after thinking about it again, I decided to learn to be patient, like the hundreds of other people waiting in the queue, and join them. And yes, it was well worth the wait!

This trick art, when captured on camera, gave the impression of being 3D, even though most of the time it was just very clever painting. Now this kind of art I really appreciate: not only is it expertly painted, but it is so much fun to actually become part of the art!


More photos can be seen here, and here.



The most fun you can have with a camera!」への1件のフィードバック

  1. You went to the trick art exhibition! Blimey! This was one of the enjoyable events in Sapporo in this golden week. I suppose many people made a queue to view it. You queued and waited to experience it! You’re great!
    I was surprised and impressed with your photos. You were with 2 elephants in friendship, the huge turtle came out from the wall to you when you were lying, the mammoth appeared from the wall to you then you were so surprised, you were walking in the sky or on the steps to heaven?, you enjoyed surfing with a dolphin, the big rhinoceros came out from the picture and touched you by its hand and …. amazing photos! You had a fantastic time there! I also enjoyed as if I were there. Thank you for showing the great photos.


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