5 tips for better English pronunciation

Whilst researching for the next NELS pronunciation lesson, I came across these five really good tips by Lauren Osowski about how to improve your pronunciation.

5 Tips for Better English Pronunciation
1. Stress the final consonant sound.
Don’t “drop” the end of the word. By focusing on the final consonant
sound, you ensure proper pronunciation.
2. Over-exaggerate sounds during pronunciation practice.
If you stress the target sound when practising at home or in class, your mouth will learn to produce the sound more naturally during normal speech.
3. Don’t speak too slowly or too quickly.
There is no need to try to speak as fast as you possibly can. It is better to be understood than to speak as quickly as a native speaker.
4. Open your mouth.
No sound can properly be formed if you don’t open your mouth to let the sound out. Don’t mumble.
5. Don’t expect to completely lose your accent.
Every speaker has a slightly different accent. Although it is nearly impossible to erase your accent, you can work to make yourself easily understood.

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  1. Blimey! The great tips! Thanks for teaching. I’ve decided to say your sentences on the blog aloud since I read your last blog. I’ll do my best.



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