Life is really great when you can pronounce /r/ and/l/

Today at NELS I taught a pronunciation lesson on the sounds /l/ and /r/ which are really difficult for Japanese students to say and hear. I was so proud of them for being able to clearly pronounce both sounds by the end of the lesson.

If you want to learn how to make these sounds, and then practice them, check out this online resource:

There are actually lots and lots of videos online and some even specifically for Japanese speakers, so why not go surfing and see what you can find.

Also, if you look at the resources I gave for a previous pronunciation lesson on /f/ and/v/ here you should also be able to link to more /r/ and /l/ information.



Life is really great when you can pronounce /r/ and/l/」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! Thanks for / r / and / l / lesson yesterday! I watched the video. She was on the video that you had introduced on your blog after / f / un ( and ) /v / lesson last month. I took her lesson again! On the video , she has questions for the learners of answering which one is correct after hearing / l / or / r / sound word she speaks then I tried them. The results were only 1 error. Thanks to you! I’m going to watch it tomorrow.

    • That’s great to hear, Yuki!
      I always say that language skills are connected, and pronunciation isn’t just about being able to pronounce a sound or word, clearly, but also being able to hear it.
      Much of the time we subconsciously get clues from looking at someone’s mouth, and also our grammar and vocabulary knowledge as well as understanding the context helps too.
      Remember too, however, that in English we have the phrases, ‘Pardon?’ and ‘Sorry?’ because even native speakers sometimes can’t hear 100% accurately!!!


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