June, 25 degrees, and…snow?!

If you live here in Sapporo, then the answer is ‘Yes!’

Although the blossom has finally come, and there are beautiful flowers everywhere here now, up on the mountains which surround the city it still makes me smile to be able to see the last remnants of my winter playground.


I’m sure in other parts of Hokkaido there is still even more left, but here it’s all but gone. Instead, it is filling up the rivers which are in full flow. So, now I have to wait another 6 months before I can enjoy my playtime again. I mustn’t grumble though as it is nice to be able to wear less clothing and enjoy the sun before it gets too hot.


June, 25 degrees, and…snow?!」への2件のフィードバック

  1. It has been beautiful in Sapporo. I didn’t feel the spring but the early summer has come. One of the mountains is Teine? Usually, the snow of it remains at the beginning of July. Let’s enjoy summer! Does it become hot this year, too?

    • It’s sunny again today, but cool. Yes, it is Teine. Wow, I will be sure to check at the start of July to see if I can still see snow there.
      Last summer the hottest month was September, so hopefully it won’t get too hot too soon.



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