Idioms about flowers and plants

Language is not only functional in allowing us to communicate our feelings and opinions, our wishes and our gratitude, but it is also fun with its tongue twisters, and poetic and intriguing with its idioms.

So, as today I received a beautiful basket of flowers, I thought I would share with you some idioms which use plants and flowers. There are lots of them, and idioms are not easy to use, so don’t try to learn too many at once. Enjoy them, and my flowers.



Idioms about flowers and plants」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Thanks for telling the idioms. I’m in the middle of reading them, looking them up and comparing some of them with the Japanese proverb. In some of them, I’m first reading English idiom then I’m trying to remember the Japanese proverb. It’s so interesting! I’m keeping with it until I want to go to bed. Really fun!

    • I’m glad you are enjoying the idioms, Yuki. Don’t forget you need to use an object with ‘tell’ e.g.Thanks for telling ME…’


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