So what happens when you freeze coke?

I didn’t mean to find out…I just wanted to chill the can quickly…but then I forgot about it. Oops!


Have you had any similar mishaps like this? What happened?


So what happens when you freeze coke?」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Well, I put an egg into the microwave when I was a teenager and I had to clean up the mess after…

  2. Yes, it was in its shell and it jumped out of it like van Halen…

  3. Hi! I’ve experienced such a mishap in winter. One day, I went go skiing and I buried can beers into the snow in the mountain for drinking them at lunch then when I dug them out at lunch time, some of them had froze and some of them had burst. I was so surprised! Since then, I’ve not buried anything such as can beers and pet bottles in the mountains on an frigid day( It’s over −10deg.)

    • Oh dear! What a waste!
      You mean the temperature was LESS than -10 degrees?Colder than? Over -10 would be warmer than -10.

  4. There I made a error again, exactly, you’re right, it was LESS than -10 degrees. Thanks for telling me that.


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