51 Uses for Coke

Following on from my mishap with a can of coke the other day, I knew I had seen that coke can be used as more than just a drink. So, not wanting to waste the now defrosted beverage, I decided to have a look on the internet and see what I could find. This website sums it up I think. I’m not suggesting you should try them all, unless you are brave enough to do so, and I wonder if they do all actually work. I tried numbers 43 and 47. My preferred option is number 50 though!


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  1. I read 51 items, Blimey! There are the things I’ve known and I’ve not.
    While reading, I wrote my estimation and the numbers on a sheet.
    I’ll tell you that.
    The numbers I suppose they work well are 1 , 2, ( 15 and 16), 23, 24, 25 and 26.
    1, 2 and 26 are that coke works well for grease stains, rust and tarnish.
    Yeah, I agree to them. I’ve heard from my mother coke remove a old tarnish of copper( pennies, 10yen coins….). It’s a well-known thing.
    15 and 16 are that coke cures nausea and relieves an upset stomach.
    It could be but it might be a matter of your feeling and sense. I’ve heard that fizzy drink was good for the stomach upset. Actually, I’m not a advocate of coke so I prefer non sugar carbonated drink such as Perrier. It’s good for drinking it in the next morning you drank too much.
    23, 24 and 25 are that coke works well for cooking. I know that.
    Adding coke to meat makes it tenderize. Instead of coke, I usually use beer. Beer is also fizzy drink. When I eat pot roast ( such as Sukiyaki ) and Genghiskhan , I add it or pour it. I’ve read a article that beer makes meat soft.
    On the other hand, there were unbelievable sums.
    They were 9, 13, 27, 34 and 45.
    9 is that ” prevent an asthma attack” ?? Coke kills virus? Fat chance!
    13 is that coke neutralize a jellyfish sting. It’s doubtful!
    27 ia that ” make your hair curly” ???
    I have a long hair but I don’t want use coke to make it curly. Definitely!
    34 is that ” get silky skin”????? No way!
    45 is that supposing you drink coke every day, you can prevent kidney stones. Same as 9, I can’t believe it!

    There were good tips and suspicious sums but I had a great fun.
    Thanks for telling me the amazing coke’s story!
    Lastly, I agree to you, 50 is so good!
    I’m feeling like Ram coke!

    • Thank you for your comprehensive response, Rose. Yes, some of the suggestions were quite unbelievable, weren’t they!
      Maybe you would prefer a rum and coke to a ram. A ram is a male sheep 😉
      Enjoy number 50!

  2. Yeah, let’s enjoy summer and summer night! I’d like to drink a rum and coke on bar outside😚😊. A ram is a male sheep. You’re right! When I eat genghiskhan, I’ve never eat it while drinking ram coke. Let’s go!



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