Sport and culture in Sapporo = Spocul

I love sport and am interested in Japanese culture so when I heard about an event called the International Sports and Culture Festival, I decided to check it out.

Sure enough, there were lots of sports, and lots of culture. Being extremely shy in such situations, however, I played a passive role, merely observing what were basically kids and their parents having a go at all the activities on offer.

Here were some of my personal highlights of the event:

A lone old guitarist who hadn’t quite managed to pull in the crowds. Poor chap. He was actually quite good.


A poor stuffed toy, or should that be a poor guy stuffed inside the poor stuffed toy?


A duo who should perhaps come to NELS to understand that their name ‘my&jennie’ is not 100% grammatically correct! Their music was pretty cool though.


Anyone for an…ear massage?


How about some kinball?


Another of the half-dozen or so people stuffed inside a creature, such is this country’s love and obsession with them!


Erm…I was not sure how to react when I saw this chap. Apparently it’s about an algae with an erection…obviously!

Sports and culture event at Tsudome (3)

To see more about the event for yourself, click here.



Sport and culture in Sapporo = Spocul」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! I didn’t know about Spocul so far. It was the 2nd time. I looked at the website and there are a lot of activities and amusement, even a calligraphy corner. If I were there, I’d do Karate!
    ” MariMotukori” was so popular 5 or 6 years ago.
    MRIMO is an algae and lives in Lake MASHU.
    About the guy with MariMokori stuffed doll, … some strange…. not cool…..
    but in Japan, you can often see such a thing.

    • You didn’t know about SPOCUL until now? It was the second time the event had been held, was it?
      Yes, MariMokori is really strange and bizarre to me! It’s another thing that makes Japan interesting!


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