BBQ fun

NELS held a BBQ this weekend in Sapporo. About fifteen people came and we enjoyed eating, drinking, chatting, and even a magic show!

Anyone is welcome to join our NELS’ social events. If you want to have fun, meet people and have the opportunity to practice your English, please join our next event.

ImageBritish style sausages in buns with tomato ketchup. Yummy!


ImageLook at all this delicious food!



‘And for my next trick…’

For more photos look here.


BBQ fun」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! I had a great time on Sunday! Thank you so much! The weather was really beautiful. At such time, the Japanese often say it was fine because everyday act of all was good. I’m looking forward to Nels’s next event!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the BBQ.
      When you say, ‘everyday act of all was good’, do you mean that ‘everything went well’?

      • Yeah, it means the weather became fine and everything went well because you had been doing good things and behaving well to anything every day. I used to be told so by my mother in my childhood.
        Actually, I felt like I’d heard from my friend having BBQ at Toyohira river was prohibited but also other people enjoyed BBQ the same as us. I’m glad to be able to have BBQ there. I’d like to do it again some day!

      • Great.
        Yes, it’d be lovely to have another BBQ there. However, we have another idea for the next NELS event – how about an English Afternoon Tea Party?

  2. Sounds good! I really want to experience the English Afternoon Tea Party!
    I adore the traditional and beautiful English afternoon tea party using 2 or 3 round dishes and putting sandwiches cut in small portions on them. It’s fantastic! And I love sandwiches!


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