Prepositions games

I have been teaching prepositions this week. Here are some games you can try to practise prepositions of place and time. Before you try them, check your knowledge here:

Make sure you try all the games. The second and third ones are REALLY fun!!!



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  1. Thank you! I enjoyed the games. Yeah, the second game ” WALK THE PLANK” and the third game ” BRAVO! BILLIONAIRE! ” were so fun!!!!!
    In the game of ” WALK THE PLANK” on my first trial, I couldn’t make a cheeky pirate fall into the sea because I made a couple of errors but on the second trial, I was able to answer all questions correctly and then he fell into the sea!
    The next game of ” BRAVO! BILLIONAIRE! ” greatly excited me!
    I was able to answer all correctly so I became a BILLIONAIRE!!!!!
    I remember having become a millionaire in the conjunctions game on your blog. You’re so great to be able to find such fun games!
    It’s really good for helping enjoy learning English!
    Thank you!


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