Staying cool in the heat

I don’t like heat. That’s why I chose to move to Hokkaido rather than any other place in Japan as I thought it would be cool. I was wrong. It may be the coolest place in Japan, but for me, that doesn’t mean it is cool. So if you’re like me, and are living somewhere that is hotter than you are comfortable with, what can you do to stay cool?

Check out this article from the BBC for some good advice:

and the picture of the orang-utan is soooo cute!!!!


– when the mercury rises = when the temperature increases. Mercury is used in a thermometer which measures temperature. The mercury literally does rise up the thermometer the hotter the temperature.

– evaporation = to cause a liquid to change to a gas.

– counter-intuitive – counter means against. Counter-intuitive describes something that does not happen in the way you would expect it to.

– perspiration = sweat

– lukewarm = only slightly warm

– disproportionate = too large or too small in comparison to something else

– vigorously = energetically – using a lot of energy

There is also an article about how to sleep when it’s hot. Have a look at the advice at the bottom – there are some useful tips.

Stay cool!


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  1. Thanks for 8 good tips of preventing the body from getting hot.
    Yes, I don’t like the heat, either. It has been getting hotter in Sapporo in spite of the north of Japan. There are some similar ways on the website I’ve been using in order to avoid the heat.
    Usually in summer, when I dry my hair using a hair dryer, I use a electric fan at the same time. The cool air from the fan blows my face so I’m able to be out of getting hot.
    Tucking into the spicy food is really good to make you cool.
    I love the hot and spicy food. If you eat some spicy food in summer, you can have sweat then you can feel much cooler than before eating. In addition, I think tucking into the spicy food in winter is also good for the conditions because the body can get warm after eating.
    These are the counter-intuitive ways!
    Anyway, I love eating the spicy and hot food all year!
    I hope not to be hotter than now.
    I miss snow and winter. ( said to myself )

    • That’s good advice about blow-drying your hair, Yuki.
      In Japan in summer people drink cold tea and coffee, but in the UK we only ever drink tea hot. I guess that it’s not usually hot enough to want a cold drink, and although eating spicy food is meant to cool you down, maybe drinking a hot drink doesn’t have the same effect.


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