British versus American Pronunciation

Ahead of my next pronunciation class at NELS on vowel sounds, I thought I would share this video which compares British and American pronunciation. A lot of the differences are in the pronunciation of the vowel sounds.

See if you can hear exactly what they are saying in the video. You hear a British speaker first, followed by an American. As you watch, pause the video and try to repeat what you hear. You can also try to write it down. Then you can check how well you did by looking at the transcript below the video.
Which is easier for you to understand? British or American English?
Here it is.

British versus American Pronunciation」への2件のフィードバック

  1. It’s interesting to listen the difference between British and American pronunciation. The last ” r ” of words such as ” water, bar, far, car…” are different between both. And also the middle ” r ” of words are different.
    Am I right? Which is easier to understand? I can hear British English more clearly than American.

    • You’re right, Momo. The ‘r’ sound is different between British and American English, in fact, wherever it appears in a word.


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